In remembrance of Lucky Akhand and Kazi Arif

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Thursday, May 11th, 2017


Singer-composer Lucky Akhand and elocutionist Kazi Arif were remembered at a commemorative programme which was recently held at the Sufia Kamal auditorium of Bangladesh National Museum.


Shilpito organised the programme where cultural personalities, poets, singers, dancers and others recalled the two late artistes and discussed about their life, work and contributions.


Barrister M Amirul Islam attended the event as the chief guest. Cultural personalities Syed Hasan Imam and Kamal Lohani, dancer Laila Hasan, singers Shelu Borua and Timir Nandi, former deputy director of Bangladesh Betar Ashfaqur Rahman Khan, poet Nasir Ahmed and president of Shilpito Osman Goni were present on the occasion.


Mentioning Lucky Akhand and Kazi Arif as great sons of soil, Syed Hasan Imam said that not only both Lucky and Kazi Arif enriched the cultural arena of the country but they also fought for the independence of the nation.


M Amirul Islam said that both Lucky Akhand and Kazi Arif were dynamic individuals with diverse qualities. Both of them contributed greatly to the nation and could have given more. It is our duty to recognise their contributions and honour them.


Lucky Akhand was a Bangladeshi singer-composer. He was associated with the musical band Happy Touch. He composed notable songs including Ei Neel Monihar, Abar Elo Jey Shondhya and Amaye Deko Na. He served as the director (music) of Bangladeshi national radio network Bangladesh Betar.


Akhand got music lessons at the age of five from his father. He performed in music programmes for children on television and radio during 1963-1967. He was enlisted as a music composer of HMV Pakistan when he was 14 and a musician of HMV India at 16. He won the first prize in ‘Modern Bangla Songs’ category in 1969 from the Pakistan Art Council. He was an artist of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, the radio broadcasting center of Bengali nationalist forces during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 197.


Kazi Arif was born on October 31, 1952 in Faridpur’s Rajbarhi and grew up in Chittagong. He is a cultural figure and writer as well. He fought under the command of Sector Commander Major Rafiqul Islam in 1971.


After the war he began studying at BUET and continued his work in the fields of literature, arts and culture and became one of the most renowned recitation artistes in Bangladesh.

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