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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017


Freefall Studios Ltd., a film production company’s unique approach sets new standard for the industry


What happens when two of the best film directors of our time join hands with a honed corporate? A production house like no other is synthesized. Sounds quirky? This is what happened when Freefall saw its inception. The CEO, Sydul Haque Khandaker was a corporate veteran when it comes to supply chain management. His childhood friends- Golam Haider Kisloo and Wahid Tarek are well-known for their directorial forte. When they planned to start FreeFall Studios Ltd., they had one thing in mind: to make invention in the market. What exactly does that mean?


“Our intention is to inject professionalism in the film production business,” asserts Khandaker with aplomb. I was sitting in their Mac book-studded door-less fun office where everyone seems to have a down to earth approach. I inquired off to divulge more about their motives. “All kind of production or any kind of visualization,” like a seasoned businessperson he continues, “what the clients want will be delivered to the clients”.


At Freefall, there is a set of 25 people who are under direct payroll. The house also hires many talents whenever it is required. “It is very rare to see a production house in Bangladesh where people maintain proper working hours,” Khandaker boasts. “We have a dedicated HR department, who are always making Freefall a better experience for all our employees.”


One of the core components of Freefall is their research and development team, which most of the companies of the same genre direly lack in. “Most of the time we get inputs from our R&D and production team and come up with our own concepts of the script, if its’ necessary,” the CEO explains. So, is it necessary to do their own research? When asked, he replies, “we believe the modified script may help our clients develop their strategy in a better and stronger way.” Freefall studio specializes in TVC making, audio visual, corporate audio visuals, documentary, TV programs and likewise.


“The right attitude, etiquette and experience along with personal networking keep the industry moving,” said Wahid Tarek, one of the director duos. “What kind of offers can you place to the clients is also very important. Response time also plays a significant role in sustaining business in this field,” he adds. Freefall is doing a paradigm shift here, because most of the production  houses in Bangladesh are run by directors, but this time, for the first time also, they are up for giving it a corporate identity, running the show by many and not only by one particular director, appraises Tarek. The company outsources directors; anyone with capabilities can come and work for them, as they believe in the ‘next generation jump’.


So, what’s next in Freefall? They are going to launch a library and a gallery where their employees can watch world famous films. Not to mention this will give the creative minds’ imagination a flight to a higher stratosphere than usual.

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