How to deal with weather changes

Rubaiat Saky
Thursday, December 1st, 2016


Many parts of Bangladesh are experiencing a slow start to the winter season and nowadays the weather changes suddenly from warm and humid, to cool and dry or the other way around.


The sudden changes can make you feel under the weather. People usually feel listless, sleepy, and depressed.


As the weather is not in our control, taking care of ourselves and family members is the only solution.


Talking to Dhaka Courier, Dr. Fatema Haque said: “Sudden weather can greatly affect people’s physical condition. You may feel dizzy or start to have a headache or may experience may other problems, including ringing in the ears, listlessness, and upset stomach.”


“You can prevent weather-related illness by taking some precautions,” she added.


Precautions that should be taken to avert weather-related sickness:


  • Take plenty of water, green vegetables, formalin free fresh fruits, drink lukewarm water
  • Before stepping out of home, take umbrella, a bottle of water, dust mask and sunglasses
  • Use warm water for bathing
  • Eat a banana everyday to keep law energy away
  • Start your day with honey water
  • Be careful while visiting public places and stay away from dust

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