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Thursday, January 11th, 2018


Late eminent writer Shawkat Osman was remembered at a programme which was recently held at Shamsur Rahman Seminar Hall of Bangla Academy.


Kothashilpi Shawkat Osman Smriti Parishad organised the commemorative programme marking the 101st birth anniversary of Shawkat Osman. The programme featured discussion and distribution of newly introduced Shawkat Osman Literary Award. Besides, a documentary on life and works of Shawkat Osman was also screened on the occasion.


Science and technology minister Yafes Osman, also the son of Shawkat Osman, and Bangla Academy director general Shamsuzzaman Khan were present at the programme as discussants.


Tagore researcher and language movement veteran Ahmad Rafique, also president of Kothashilpi Shawkat Osman Smriti Parishad, presided over the occasion.


The organisers honoured Ahmad Rafique with the first Shawkat Osman Literary Award in lifetime achievement category.


The award, introduced by Kothashilpi Shawkat Osman Smriti Parishad in association with Apex, will also honour a young writer from next year, said Jean Nesar Osman, son of Shawkat Osman.


Shamsuzzaman Khan said, “Osman’s writings highlight the disadvantaged and downtrodden people in our society. Their miseries and social issues are recurring subjects in his works, they added. They also said Osman fought against communalism and anti-Liberation War forces. His writings carry strong messages against fundamentalism and religious bigotry. Osman was a politically and socially aware author.”


Ahmad Rafique said, “Though Shawkat Osman is mainly known as a novelist and short story writer, he also wrote in a number of other genres such as essays, plays, humorous writings, memoirs and books for children.”


Shawkat Osman was born on January 2, 1917 in Hooghli, West Bengal, India. His real name was Sheikh Azizur Rahman while Shawkat Osman was his penname. After the partition, Osman settled in East Pakistan.


Though known mainly as a novelist, he also excelled in a number of genres such as short stories, essays, plays, humorous writings, memoirs and books for children.

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