Hasina deserves another term

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
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Bangladesh is now on a path of satisfactory economic growth. With the annual economic growth at 7.24 per cent Bangladesh is growing faster than any other country in the region, even better than what has been achieved by India and China, the economic superpowers of Asia. Bangladesh’s robust and impressive performance has caused Wows in the capitals of even the developed nations. The country is well on track to achieve Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s goal of reaching the status of middle income nation, quite a big achievement considering the bumps the global economy have faced in recent years. While the global economy is still struggling to fully recover Bangladesh has a much better story to tell. In the eyes of many countries, both developed and developing, Bangladesh is a role model of economic development despite the odds. Surely, the credit goes to Sheikh Hasina who has proved naysayers wrong with her ability to manage not only the country’s ever-changing political scenario but also the slippery path of progress. The policies and strategies to execute those policies have been formulated under the guidance of Sheikh Hasina. She has also quite ably presided over the rejuvenation of Bangladesh that received several blows under the damaging rule of BNP-Jamaat, followed by a spate of military-led caretaker administration, now known as Fakhruddin-Moyeen government. Having first ensuring the recovery the prime minister is now leading the economy on the way to a higher trajectory, with the improvement visible in not only GDP stats but also in infrastructures like roads, bridges, flyovers, under-construction metro trains.


The list of achievements on the economic front gets longer. The country has crossed the thresh hold of self-sufficiency in food grains, the farmers are relatively happy with the agricultural subsidies they get and the price they are offered for their produces. A good leap in the generation of electricity, nearly 1400 MW, has helped industrial production and irrigation leading to better output. An almost all-round performance has had its predictable good impact on the social sectors, also noticed by the United Nations and other international organizations. Education is spreading, especially among girls, resulting in women empowerment as more women are getting into the job market. The number of women entering politics, white collar jobs, many of them as executives is increasing. From politics to judiciary, from teaching to military service to international peacekeeping job Bangladeshi women are making a mark thanks to encouraging government policies formulated under special patronage of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


Politically, Bangladesh today is much calmer than it had been several years ago. With a functioning parliament democracy is finally taking root in spite of occasional disturbances and noises made by some elements already rejected by the public. A political peace has produced dividends in economic development and social stability. Well, there have been some commotions here and there, but these have proved more bubbles than any permanent existence of instability. Evil designs weaved by elements opposed to Bangladesh’s smooth progress to prosperity have been active in occasional bursts posing some challenges. However, the government has presented solid responses to these evil and distracting forces which have been proved too weak to stand public rejection.


Elements espousing militancy and extreme violence have long been trying to get a foothold on Bangladesh soil, growing quite smoothly under the BJP-Jamaat  rule under their patronage. Fortunately, that regime of darkness came to an end ushering in the government of Sheikh Hasina that has offered new hope for the nation. Hasina’s government, pursuing a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ against terrorism has been able to rally the international community in putting up a strong front against the elements of death and destruction. This resolute position has made Sheikh Hasina a respected figure in the commity of nations.


Bangladesh can’t afford to change its development tracks. It can ill afford to return to those days when government and government agencies nurtured forces of extreme violence. Bangladesh must not be allowed to be pulled backwards. That’s the  reason  why we need Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, to return to power in the next election. She deserves the next term in power and several more.


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