Hamiduzzaman’s retrospective exhibition at National Museum

Takir Hossain
Thursday, November 9th, 2017


One need hardly say that Hamiduzzaman Khan is one of the pre-eminent modern sculptors in our country and naturally already holds a distinguished position in our sub-continent. He is an earnest sculptor who has carved a path distinctly his own in our art arena with significant forms, themes and variations of work. He tries to focus on diverse forms and shapes, with the particular message that we are an inseparable part of nature, and nature always comes up with a way to survive.


Hamiduzzaman is energetic and seemingly restless. He finds peace in his work, which can be sculpture, painting or drawing. But his major recognition as a sculptor came in early 80s when he was commissioned by the Bangladesh Government to decorate the fountain at the front entrance of the Bangabhaban with a sculptural work. Most of his sculptures are either stylised figuratives (both male and female shapes) or abstract forms, in painted steel, concrete cement, bronze and other metals. Many of his works are based on bronze, where he has focused on seated figures, human figures in motion, pure forms, animal, bird forms and geometric compositions. The work reflects the artist’s inner feelings, his memories and thoughts. They bring together his dynamism in sculpture in a way unlike any other medium he uses.


Sculptures on display at the exhibition are made from steel, granite, plaster from Paris, iron, bronze, white granite and black marble along with marble de carara, pink granite and a mixture of green and white marble. The stones evoke depict geometric forms and shapes coupled with imagery of birds, pets and human portraits. He depicts several circles, semi-circles and three-quarter circles in a way that symbolises planets of the solar system.


Hamiduzzaman is a versatile and dedicated artist. He has also tried his hands at painting. His water colours are inspiring and reflect the workings of a mature mind. An imaginative painter, he is always searching for the mysterious chapter of creation in his voyages through the vast diverse ocean of nature. His inspired images evoke a symbiotic relationship with nature, a marriage of landscape and a vision that enables the artist to use nature’s most elegant palette and views with advantage. The different phases in Hamiduzzaman’s work can easily be identified. He has been able to create a new language, working with colours, lines and some sculptural and architectural images. Some of his prime works are concerned with form, which remind us of his sculptural backdrop.

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