Haldaa to go to North America and Middle East

Cultural Correspondent
Thursday, December 7th, 2017


Haldaa is going abroad. It has reportedly garnered viewers’ appreciation at home and now it is set to be released in twenty halls throughout North America and Middle-East. Jahid Hasan Ovi, chief of the film’s distribution house, Ovi Kathachitra has confirmed that on the opening day cineplexes both inside the capital and outside were packed with film enthusiasts. He hopes that in future number of viewers of the film will only increase in the country while it looks to go abroad.


In North America the film will be released on December 8. On this day in five cities of USA-New York, Virginia, Los Angeles, Dallas and Florida Haldaa will be released in Regal and Cinemark cineplexes. On this vary day the film will be released in the Canadian cities of Toronto and Mississauga. It will also be released in four cineplexes in Oman and in six cities of UAE. Swapna Scarecrow Inc is overlooking the film’s release in the international market.


The team Haldaa is currently touring the country for the films promotion. On December 2 they went to BUET to take part in the opening of a weeklong photographic exhibition on Smart City.

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