Gaanshala’s innovative project Kanshuta

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Thursday, April 12th, 2018


Music production house Gaanshala has come up with yet another innovative project. In this project an attempt will be made to form synthesis between the hearer’s choice and the musician’s experience. In older days we used to listen to music on Gramophone, cassette player, CD player etc. But now-a-days music experience has largely become individual centered. With the progress of smartphone technology people are used to listening to songs only on their mobile phones with the help of headphones or earphones. This has further scattered music in the present era of drought in music’s propagation. Gaanshala with Kanshuta intends to alleviate from this state. Thus it plans to organise grouped-musical moments seen in the old days when Gramophones were still available. The first segment of Kansuta was staged on April 6 at Chhayanaut Biddayaton in Dhanmondi.


There according to plans seats for listeners were placed directly before musicians or singers. They got to hear from them face to face. The listener along with other listeners and of course the musicians also listened to recorded music in this close accommodation. Anyone feeling bored or disgusted could leave right in front of everyone without expecting any buzz or amazement. Also if they had something to say, some criticism or praise they could disclose it once a single song or musical composition finished. Thus the singer could get a clear idea about what his/her listener might actually want or sometimes tries to hide or even worse fails to understand one’s own inner emotions before doing away with a piece of composition. The listener also got the opportunity to observe first-hand how devoted a singer can be to his/her song when she plays it or when it is played in his presence.


At the first edition at Chhayanaut songs by Armin Musa, Ark and Joyeeta were presented in the lyrics of Enamul Karim Nirjhar and music arrangement of Ark Sumon. Gaanshala aims to bring more of such editions. The music production house was founded in 2015. Gaanshala aims to bridge gaps in music by incorporating musicians in Bangladesh and Kolkata.

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