From the Editor-in-Chief: We are on the right track

Enayetullah Khan
Thursday, December 29th, 2016
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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir accused the government last week of pushing the country toward being a failed state. All the institutions of the state, he noted, were collapsing. Indeed, in his opinion, the country is in the grip of an illegal and unelected government. In other words, the image which the BNP leader tried to project through his remarks was of wholesale chaos in the country, of conditions where nothing seemed to be working.


We are afraid we cannot agree with such an assessment, for reasons that have been all too palpable. The allegation made repeatedly by the BNP and its camp followers of the ‘illegality’ of the present government flies in the face of the provisions of the Constitution. It is simply not right for a political party, only because it kept itself out of the election and thus leaving the field free for its opponents, to argue that the voting was illegal. It is true that as many as 153 lawmakers were elected unopposed, but that was no violation of the rules. Therefore, when it is suggested by anyone that the government is unelected, it is an assessment resting on naivety.


In these past eight years, the economy has been making good strides, with growth rates at respectable figures. Not everything has been perfect, but that is something one can also say about many other developing nations. As for Mirza Alamgir’s charge that Bangladesh is being turned into a failed state, nothing could be further from the truth. In the years since the present government took charge of the country, it has given the nation reasons to believe that governance and all that it entails are in order. The trial of war criminals has been a bold step toward a reassertion of rule of law in the country. In foreign policy, there has been a systematic effort toward developing relations on a friendly, equal and respectable basis with all countries. On the social scale, measures have been taken to give relief to citizens in increasingly larger areas.


Of course, no one argues that everything is in order. But the fact that in these times steps are being taken, indeed have been taken to ensure a return to the fundamental principles upon which Bangladesh was founded is a reality which must not be ignored. The process of a mutilation of national history has been reversed. A need for a strengthening of the institutions of the state is shared by all citizens.


We are on the right track. It will need the combined efforts of the government and the opposition to make a success of the common goals we have for this country.

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