From the Editor-in-Chief: The wheels of justice have rolled . . .

Enayetullah Khan
Wednesday, January 18th, 2017
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It is our considered opinion that the verdict pronounced by a Narayanganj court on Sunday in the case centred on the murder of seven people in April 2014 is an encouraging step toward ensuring justice for those killed and for their families. Twenty six people, including Nur Hossain, a former councillor of the Narayanganj Corporation, and former army officer Tarek Sayeed, have been condemned to death by the court of the Narayanganj District and Sessions Judge for the gruesome killings committed nearly three years ago. The judgement will certainly have come as a matter of relief for the families of the victims as well as people all over the country. Though the trial and the case have taken rather long to draw to a close, the verdict delivered now reassures us that justice is on course.


We hardly need remind ourselves of the huge sense of shock caused by the killing of the seven men in 2014. The men were all kidnapped in broad daylight and in public view on a Narayanganj road and later murdered. Their bodies, bloated and weighed down with heavy stones, were found floating days later in the River Sitalakhya. Since that eerie moment of tragic discovery, the country has been made aware, surely and steadily, of the dark conspiracy which underpinned the kidnapping and murder of the seven men. The fact that a good lot of money was involved in the whole ugly episode and that it even undermined the integrity of putatively responsible officers of such an elite force as RAB conveyed the bad message to the country of the venality which characterised the entire ugly story. The involvement of such a senior officer as Tarek Sayeed, along with others, in the killing and dumping of the bodies in the river speaks volumes of the wide web of conspiracy planned by the killers and their godfathers. One must also point to the fact that the mastermind of the conspiracy, Nur Hossain, fled to India soon after the murder and had to be brought back to the country to face trial. All of these facts are realities not only about the nature of the case in question but are also a broad hint of how men wielding political clout and power may be drawn into committing crimes of the most horrendous kind.


The verdict in the case assuages the feelings of hurt of the families of the victims only so much. Nothing, of course, can truly free them of the trauma they have been in since their loved ones were murdered. We must now ensure that no matter how influential or powerful criminals and their godfathers might be, the law swiftly catches up with them and brings them to justice. The verdict is a warning against all attempts at a commission of criminality in the future.

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