From the Editor-in-Chief: The objective is to defeat terrorism

Enayetullah Khan
Thursday, July 14th, 2016
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The tragedy which was let loose at the Sholakia Eid congregation on Eid day is an ominous sign once more of the long and focused battle we must all wage against the elements who in the name of Islam have been spreading fear in the country. We hold the view that, in light of the horrific terror unleashed in Dhaka’s Gulshan a fortnight ago, indeed in the face of such concentrated assaults on social and secular order, it is important that we come together as a nation. Nothing can be a more potent bulwark against terrorism than a nation in readiness to beat back every attempt at an undermining of their culture and heritage. It is that spirit which must now be revived, beyond political differences, as we go ahead to keep this country safe and secure through freeing it of the barbarians who seek to undermine its very foundations.


The stand we speak of must be underpinned by determined moves on the part of the government and especially its security forces, such as the police and RAB, to beat back all attempts by terrorists to get the upper hand. They have killed two policemen and a housewife in Sholakia. They might well have caused much more mayhem and murder were they able to penetrate the prayer grounds. We cannot but appreciate the fact that the law enforcers, despite coming under attack from these criminals, were able to prevent a greater calamity from occurring in Sholakia. One hardly needs to be reminded of the grave embarrassment we as a nation have suffered because of the carnage in Gulshan. We have realized that the assault by the terrorists which left twenty plus people dead in Gulshan and now this new assault of terrorism in Sholakia can only reinforce our collective requirement for more foolproof measures geared to flushing out and dealing without mercy with those who have indulged in such hate crime as also those who have been working as their patrons behind the scenes.


As long as we are unable to identify the masterminds behind this campaign of terror and deal with them ruthlessly, we may well face such situations again, to the detriment of lives and property and the overall security of the state. We as a nation stand behind the government in its determination to restore normal life in the country. We expect the government to reach out to all sections of society as it tries to free the country of terrorism.


The objective today is one and simple — defeat terrorism decisively. We have no option here. We cannot fail in this mission. These medieval barbarians must be driven back from our courtyard.

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