From the Editor-in-Chief: It is the year’s end

Enayetullah Khan
Thursday, December 21st, 2017
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There is always a dash of the emotional, a pinch of the nostalgic, which takes over your sensibilities with the end of a year. And a year is but time that loses itself in space in ways decreed by nature’s laws. As you watch the sun set on a year, in the cold silence of winter, you realize the world has aged a little more. And so have you. The year recedes into the past as you wait for new times to chime in; but deep in your soul, you miss the excitement and the sunshine and the dark clouds across the horizons that will not come back again. The laughter and the tears and the long, loud silences all sink with the sun as the last day of the year passes into history. The year just about to end will be history soon. Mortality works in life as much as it takes a year in its grip. There is no escape.


Even so, we remember.


How has the year been here at home, in Bangladesh? Yes, we have had our squabbles and our quibbles. We have had our sad moments and our times of joy. We have seen a reassertion of the secular Bengali ethos that went into a strengthening of our nationhood nearly half a century ago. We have observed the maintenance of peaceful conditions in the country. We have been witness to the multifaceted development process the government has been instrumental in setting into motion. You only need to observe the politics that has been played out throughout the year. The ruling Awami League has been in triumphant mood, with its strong hold on the issues. Our diplomacy has been firm, sometimes tough, with the government seeming not to be worried about the concerns expressed by the more powerful nations on matters specifically internal to this country. With other nations, India for instance, friendship was but a matter of renewal. On the issue of the Rohingya refugees, pragmatism was on display, even when China and India, considered our friends, seemed to be taking a neutral stance between Bangladesh and Myanmar.


In the year that has gone by, the government has, often for good reason, certainly come in for sharp criticism over some core issues. Read here the disappearances of individuals and the inability of the authorities to recover them. Worries have been expressed about such issues as Rampal.


As the old year gives place to the new, we as a nation look forward to a furthering of our democratic aspirations through the general elections that will be held at the end of the year just ahead.

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