From the Editor-in-Chief: America must not vote for Trump

Enayetullah Khan
Thursday, October 13th, 2016
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Donald Trump keeps giving people all the reasons why he is not qualified to be President of the United States. The video of his conversation with some men on his way to a television show in 2005 is a clear reflection of the lewdness which defines his character. Add to that the emergence of a fresh new audio tape from 2000, where Trump does not even spare his daughter Ivanka, about whose physical appearance he talks in obscene terms. Again, his brazen performance in the second debate with Hillary Clinton, where he brought in irrelevant topics and also three women who have accused former president Bill Clinton of sexually inappropriate behaviour, was the height of the asinine in him. He does not appear to understand why his own fellow Republicans have been deserting and disowning him in the past few weeks.


There are those diehard Trump fans who believe the tape conversations took place years ago and should have no bearing on the present. Such a defence of the man would be wrong, for some very strong reasons. In the first place, when Trump made those comments sixteen and eleven years ago, he had gone beyond mature age and should have known that grown men in any station of life do not speak of their sexual proclivities in such unashamed manner. In the second, the contempt with which he has in the course of his campaign for the presidency spoken of women, calling them dogs and slobs and even remarking on the menstrual cycle of a television anchor who asked him tough questions, is reason enough to show that if he ends up winning the White House, it will be a deeply contaminated presidency America and the world will have to live through.


America’s political culture has been gravely damaged by the new revelations about Donald Trump. To what extent he has embarrassed Americans is reflected in the way prominent Republicans like John McCain and Condoleezza Rice, among so many others, have been withdrawing their support from him. Speaker Paul Ryan has made it known he will not campaign with or for Trump. Calls have been made by many in the party for him to withdraw from the election altogether and let vice presidential nominee Mike Pence be the new standard bearer for the Republicans. Trump has predictably refused to do anything of the sort, but of course he and team are keenly aware of the depths to which he has fallen. Donald Trump is damaged goods today.


By his clearly crass behaviour, Trump has now endangered the electoral prospects of many Republican candidates for seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. With opinion polls showing Democrat Hillary Clinton in the lead, there is now growing concern that the Trump candidacy might even lead to a loss of the Republican majority in the Senate.


All of the above are reasons why American voters should not vote for Donald Trump on 8 November. If he manages to squeak through, it will be to America’s lasting shame.

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