From the Editor-in-Chief: Action against terror must be stepped up

Enayetullah Khan
Thursday, June 8th, 2017
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The terror attack in London is an attack on everyone and every society that believes in liberal politics and human rights. We in Bangladesh, having gone through the consequences of religious extremism, a condition we are yet struggling hard to tackle conclusively and decisively, understand the trauma that such acts by those blinded by prejudice can lead to.


In these past three months, Britain has borne the brunt of three terror attacks. These attacks remain proof that even as the so-called Islamic State loses ground in such regions as Syria and Iraq, it has resorted to even more medieval methods than it has employed thus far in its crude attempt to turn the clock of history back. It has instructed its misguided, brainwashed followers to use vehicles to mow down people and knives to plunge into their bodies. In London, the attack on Saturday left seven people dead and nearly fifty others injured, some of them grievously.


The terror attack in London demonstrates clearly the need for the international community to come together in checking radicalization in the Muslim community. We echo British Prime Minister Theresa May’s belief that enough is enough where looking at and tackling terrorism is concerned. The time has now come for more stringent measures, more harsh steps to be adopted in dealing with these Islamist fanatics. These purveyors of terror have no respect for people, have demonstrated an ugly conscience in killing children and teenagers, as they have done in Manchester. While twisting the knife in innocent individuals in London on Saturday, they even had the gall to scream, ‘This is for Allah’, which by itself was a mark of the depravity these so-called defenders of Islam have fallen to.


Here at home in Bangladesh, efforts must be stepped up to identify the people and the organizations that have been promoting Islamist fanaticism over the past many years. The regularity with which the dens of bigots are being busted in the country is a clear indication of the many pockets of violence and probable violence which remain to be destroyed. Nothing — not human rights, not the concerns of international bodies that regularly berate us on our handling of war criminals and terrorists — must come between our resolve to destroy terrorism and our goal of upholding liberal democracy.


It is a message that should also be followed by every other nation in the world which is now engaged in beating back this monstrosity called ISIL. In Pakistan, in Nigeria, in Afghanistan, in the Philippines and of course in the West, nothing less than ruthlessness on the part of the State is called for if the objective is to restore sanctity and civility around the globe.


Our prayers go out to the families of those who have died in London and to those who have been injured in the attacks. A whole world stands in solidarity today in the necessary task of identifying and eliminating the cave dwellers behind all acts of terror we have gone through so far.

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