From the Editor in Chief: A deputy minister out of control

Enayetullah Khan
Thursday, April 7th, 2016
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The behaviour of men and women in public life must be impeccable, which is why the transgressions of Arif Khan Joy are inexcusable. The deputy minister for youth and sports has let us all down by what he did a few days ago. He has thus added a new bad feather to his already tainted cap. It was not long ago that he went berserk and vandalised the office room of a senior bureaucrat because his name did not appear on a banner in observance of National Youth Day. That was a demonstration of ego at its worst. But ego of the kind the deputy minister has demonstrated is only a sign of the uncouth. Arif Khan Joy has given us every reason to believe he does not qualify for the office he holds.


That impression has now only been reinforced by the latest in his behaviour. He has pounced on a police sub-inspector, who in his eyes committed the sacrilege of inquiring about his well-being after his vehicle met with a minor road accident. The police officer was surely doing his job, but the deputy minister clearly forgot his. One cannot but appreciate the police officer for the fact that he remained focused on his responsibilities and even when Arif Khan Joy angrily got on a bus to go wherever he was supposed to go, he followed him. It was then that he was, as he says, beaten up by the deputy minister.


It is a criminal act obstructing people carrying out their public responsibilities. It is doubly criminal to physically assault those in the service of the republic. The deputy minister, blissfully unaware of this principle, went ahead with his shameful behaviour and was not worried at all that he was thereby undermining the dignity of his office.  Such behaviour, we are firm in our belief, needs to be dealt with harshly and especially by the prime minister. Politicians like Arif Khan Joy are a bad image in national politics. They should not be indulged.


Holding public office or aspiring to it entails a high sense of morality from those who engage in politics. We recall the good times when politicians were truly dedicated to the higher calling of their profession and came into prominence by dint of long struggle based on an adherence to ideals and principles. They respected citizens and did not forget that people were important, that power was to be held in trust.


It is our considered opinion that the prime minister should take deputy minister Arif Khan Joy to task. He must publicly apologise to the police officer and to the nation over his misdemeanour.

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