DhakaCourier Vol 34 Issue 27 Dated 12 January 2018

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


From the Editor-in-Chief

The tasks before our ministers

Enayetullah Khan


Nation this week


World this week


Time & Space

Bangabandhu . . . very much the family man

Enayetullah Khan


Cover Story

A teacher’s worth

Courier Briefing



No country for honest men

Afsan Chowdhury



Cry Justice: Seven years of Felani killing

Reaz Ahmad


Special Report

Courage is contagious, killing Mithun cowardice

Reaz Ahmad


Making France Great Again

Courier Report



Into the heart of Buddhism in Bikrampur

AKM Moinuddin back from Munshiganj



Polythene bag prevails for lack of suitable alternative: Experts

AbdurRahmad Jahangir and Masudul Hoque



The middle class in the making

Wafiur Rahman



Corporal punishment is an invention of hell

Sir Frank Peters


Books in Review

Feraundher Alik Brittanta

Review by Saleem Samad


Understanding Young People in the Social Context

S. M. Rayhanul Islam



Why can’t the United Nations bring peace to Yemen?

Helen Lackner


The fight for human rights continues across the Middle East

Elsa Saade and Piers Purdy


Art & Culture

Dhaka Cine Workshop to complement festival

Highlighting Shawkat’s life and contributions

Saptak enthralls Dhaka audience


Courier Asks

Are we scrimping on education?

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