Chirkut croons for a clean Bangladesh

Cultural Correspondent
Thursday, December 28th, 2017


To keep the country healthy and hygienic, we need citizens with a heart of cleanliness. With this objective, ‘Dettol-Channel I Porichchonno Bangladesh’ has launched its theme song ‘Mon Shundor Jar, Shei Rakhe Desh Porishkar’ commemorating the 46th Victory Day. The song was performed by the famous Bangladeshi band ‘Chirkutt’. The theme song calls us to keep our beloved country clean. The song urges us to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of our great country, which has been achieved with the expense of a million sacrifices. This theme song will be launched on the Facebook page of ‘Dettol-Channel i Porichchonno Bangladesh’ on the Victory Day.


Sumi from Chirkutt band said, “We’re very glad and inspired for singing a song which calls for keeping our beloved motherland clean and beautiful. We hope the people of Bangladesh will love this song and will be inspired to maintain the cleanliness.”


Chirkutt was founded in 2002 in the hand of Sharmin Sultana Sumi. Emon chowdhury joined in 2006 and Pavel Areen joined in 2008. After eight years later they had their first album released. The name of the album is Chirkuttnama.


Chirkutt’s performed at SXSW-2016 in Austin, USA and South Asian Band Festival-Delhi, India, the President House concert in India-2014, India Music Week and the Jaffna Music Festival, Sri Lanka. The band has also worked on several local film music director.

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