Wednesday, August 9th, 2017


Bangabandhu was our window to the world. In his presence, we felt tall in international councils, for he spoke for us in all his self-esteem. He was a statesman whose interactions with other statesmen, with other heads of state and government, with simple people were happy exercises in showcasing Bangladesh where it mattered. His long struggle for democracy, his uncompromising leadership of the movement for national freedom impressed people all across the globe. Not even his fellow world leaders could resist the impulse to see him and meet him, developing a camaraderie that was rare and healthy. He impressed statesmen with his ideas of politics and leadership and yet he also cheerfully learned from their experiences. Little of formality was there in him, for he was a man who went out to the world and met it in his grandeur. In its turn, the world came to him, met him in his courtyard and went away enlightened.


We bring you some glimpses of the Leader taken from us on a night of murder and mayhem. He did us proud. He was ours and we have always been his.

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