Old lyrics … old passions

  My mother was in intense love with songs. Shamshad’s ‘chaman mein raehke weerana mera dil hota jata hai’ was a song she loved listening to and singing. She had a silken voice and would more often than not break into Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

New Dawn in Malaysia

  Malaysia’s veteran leader Mahathir Mohamad, 92, won a historic election victory on 10 May (2018) in a political earthquake that toppled the country’s scandal-plagued premier Najib Razzak  and ousted a party the Barisan Nasional (BN)  that had ruled for over Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

The War on Drugs has failed everywhere. Can it work here?

  The Philippines model of anti-drug war with extra-judicial killing at its core is popular in that country. People feel helpless against the onslaught of drugs overwhelming society and hence their Yes to such extreme measures. President Duterte in launching the Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

31 million face legal issues every year in Bangladesh

  Land disputes most severe; people suffer due to graft-ridden land administration   A new study has recently found out that each year as many as 31 million people confront with legal challenges in Bangladesh. A majority of these challenges occur when dealing Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

The departures in politics…

  There are sadnesses which sometimes darken the departures from the limelight of men and women who have enjoyed power. And enjoyed everything coming in its wake. Part of the sadness is well deserved. Part of it is not. And in Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

River Politics

  The Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna mega-basin is the second largest deltaic region in the world, in which rivers flow in one of the most densely populated regions.   Rivers know no territorial boundaries. They flow as an individual unit depending on the nature of terrain.  Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

What difference can elections make?

There is election in the air and people are keen to talk about it. Elections in our society are seen as a great tool of social change. Or at least that’s what we would like to think. Our reference is Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

‘Art Against Genocide’ launched Experts call for forging global solidarity to resolve Rohingya crisis

  Cosmos Books’ publication – Art Against Genocide – has received much accolades with people appreciating such artistic depiction of Rohingyas’ plight that should exert pressure on the world community to find a rightful solution to one of the 21st century’s Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Awami League Delegation’s visit to New Delhi

  Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Roads and Bridges Mr. Obaidul Quader’s visit to India has been significant. He led a 19-member delegation to India on a three-day visit on the invitation of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Thursday, May 10th, 2018

A story of two men

  Often in a mood of humour, I like telling people at times that my family, or clan if you will, has always had some sort of symbiotic relationship with Rabindranath Tagore. But let me sound a caveat here: Tagore and Thursday, May 10th, 2018
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