‘Barge for Bangladesh’ and ‘Boats, a treasure of Bangladesh’ launched in Chittagong

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Thursday, November 9th, 2017


Alliance Francaise de Chittagong organised the launching ceremony at its auditorium on Thursday.


The book, ‘Barge for Bangladesh’ is written by Yves Marre, a French entrepreneur, adventurer, co-founder of Friendship NGO in Bangladesh, co-founder of NGO Watever in France and creator of Taratari Shipyard in Bangladesh.


He has been working in Bangladesh for the last 20 years on the boats of Bangladesh, on its craftsmanship and preservation of its heritage.


The other book, ‘Boats, a treasure of Bangladesh’ is written by Yves Marre and Enayetullah Khan, managing director and chief executive officer of Cosmos Group, and also editor-in-chief of Dhaka Courier and UNB.


In his book ‘Barge for Bangladesh’, Yves Marre describes how the canal barge ‘Fleche d Or’ left the protection of the French waterways at the end of January 1994 and set out with just two men on board with the intention of delivering the vessel to Bangladesh for conversion into a floating hospital ‘Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital’.


The book will take the reader through the technical mastery of naval carpenters through interviews of marine experts as well as common villagers, nature enthusiasts, and esteemed members of society.


Speaking at the ceremony, Marre said traditional boats in Bangladesh started to decline in the 1980s with the advent of engine-driven vehicles. Later, introduction of metal objects like steel in place of wood augmented this declination, he said.


Addressing the ceremony, Selvam Thorez, director of Alliance Francaise de Chittagong, highly appreciated Marre’s humanitarian attempt.


Captain Masuq Hassan Ahmed, principal of Marine Fisheries Academy, said that Yves Marre could be considered a citizen of the world, but more importantly of humanity, as his voyage from France to Bangladesh in the canal barge Flèche d’Or was now the stuff of legends.


The ceremony was followed by a power-point presentation by Yves Marre on the Maritime Search and Rescue Society, a philanthropic institution working alongside Bangladesh Navy, Coast Guard and other maritime organisations of Bangladesh.

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