Anti-fundamentalist Verses

Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017


Our differences are vivid like dawn and the darkened world.

Our thoughts are distinct as you are pale faced and I am not of yours kind.

Look, a deep black river flows between you and me with an order

not to touch each other or to stay together.

Thus it is true –

I am not your brotherly mirror, or you are of mine.

You are never been of my shadow, or I am either eager for walking towards your destine.

You live by grazing dark with a cherishing soul of immortality.

But I am always been a train passenger in quest of the Sunbeam shine.


Look, you don’t have motherly Greenland like mine.

You don’t have Father’s pride depicted flag to carry the glory sign

You don’t have any documents in hand of our freedom and humankind.

You are only a rootless snake loves to bite having life of a caved serpentine.


You don’t have any ornamented afternoon, no, no, you don’t have

But look, look around here –

You don’t have dearest mother with the heavenly sweet smile.

You don’t have happy faced sister to get a tight hug.

But look, I do have all in my hand with the eternal happiness like gold coins,

Hey ! Look, my muscles are full of cheering songs.

My hands are full of painted seeds to grow.


You don’t have any river like grayish rapper of Saints,

Even no river is flowing with dancing waves for you in a marble flow.

Look, all of them are with me and they are only mine !

No fairy tales are with you.

All of those are with me, they are mine !

Every beauty of the world is roaming with me riding on Red-Ants.


You don’t have poetry like untouched virgin girl.

They are with me for listening music of windy line.

Every Grass made poetry books are with me having the sweet dream time,

They bring me the water composed finger to write my lovers name

on the wall of my worshiping shrine.


Look around, you don’t have anything good to get a glorious life.

You don’t have any garden of green leaves with millions of romantic Fire-flies.

Trust, you don’t have Ganges, Meghna, Volga or Rhine,- they don’t make waves for you, all of them are with me, all of them are only mine.

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