All you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

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Thursday, May 4th, 2017


Samsung has finally shown its hand with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and, quite honestly, there’s quite a lot to take in. From the nearly all-screen front to the desktop-like experience, the Galaxy S8 is jam-packed with features.


The Galaxy S8 comes in two models:

  • 5.8′ Galaxy S8
  • 6.2′ Galaxy S8+


Infinity Display

Phones, tablets, everything that we hear of are moving towards a Bezel-less design. And Samsung Galaxy S8 is no exception. S8 has an end-to-end screen that also spills over the phone’s sides. This gives a bigger screen without increasing the phone size. The smoothened curves give an easy grip and beautiful uninterrupted look.



The front and rear cameras are fine tuned to give crystal clear and perfectly crisp picture.


The selfie camera has a smart autofocus to track face and the rear camera functions as well in dark as in the light. The dual Pixel sensor makes it possible to focus swiftly and quickly and hence give wonderful in-action pictures.


There are many other features in the camera like Pro mode, Selective focus, Filtered effects, and Food mode that will make your desire for that perfect photo come true. Create moments that you’ll relive every time you see the photos.


Security and Privacy

Nobody wants their phone to be in else’s hands without proper protection. And S8 gives you a Z+ like security with its face recognition and Iris scanning features. Apart from them, the traditional fingerprint, pattern, password and PIN options are also there.


You can also store your confidential data in a secured folder that only you can access.



With the 10nm processor, S8 gives a powerful performance and hence speedier phone. The battery consumption is said to have gone down by 20%.


Gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi support ensure faster downloads and sharing.


Gamers go Crazy

The boundless screen, improved battery performance, and the speed is a boon to gamers. They will get the gaming experience for even the most graphic intensive games like never before.


Rain, dust, no matter what!

The Galaxy series are known for their IP68 rating dust and water resistance and S8 and S8+ are no exceptions either. They are water resistant in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.


Wireless charging and Type C USB

Galaxy S8 and S8+ charges really fast and also has wireless charging capability. Also, the Type C USB charging cable ensures that you can just plug it in without having to worry about the right side up.


It has customizable navigation buttons

Samsung has finally seen the light. Well, sort of. Its decision to go with on-screen navigation buttons is more a result of necessity than out of compliance with Google’s design guidelines.


By default, the Galaxy S8 navigation panel still follows Samsung’s convention of having the back button on the right of the home button. Fortunately, Samsung allows user to switch to the more universal Android convention of putting the back button to the left.


It uses FHD resolution by default

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have QHD+ screens like its predecessors. Unlike its predecessors, however, Samsung is turning down the screen resolution to 1080p by default. This is for power efficiency purposes, as it decreases the number of pixels that need you be rendered.


Of course, when the content calls for it, the Galaxy S8 switches to its native QHD resolution and you can always set it to use QHD all the time. It’s just something you have to keep in mind if the user interface looks a tad too big for your eyes.


Bixby always requires an Internet connection

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise but it still bears noting. All the popular smart assistants, from Siri to Google Assistant, can only function if there’s a working Internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or data. For some features, like searching online, it does makes sense. But Bixby promises to be able to do more, including some actions that only happens on the Galaxy S8.


Bixby will supposedly be able to perform any action you can do with a finger but even if those actions, like editing a photo, happen only locally on the device itself, you still need to be connected to the Internet if you want Bixby to do its magic. In a nutshell, that’s because its brain is mostly stored online. It might be something privacy-conscious users might be a bit uneasy with. And don’t be surprised if Bixby seems to be ignoring you. You might just not be connected.


It can stream music to two Bluetooth speakers at the same time

The smartphone is the first smartphone to support Bluetooth 5, the first major revision of the spec ever since version 4.2 in 2014. But what does that mean in practice? For one, the connection is promised to be stronger and more reliable.


Bluetooth 5 allows the Galaxy S8 to stream audio to two wireless speakers simultaneously. Think of it as a poor man’s multi-room speaker setup. There might be a slight difference in the output between the two speakers, but it’s better than having to buy a multi-room system, especially when you already have two Bluetooth speakers.

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