AL must guard against conspiracy

Farid Hossain
Thursday, July 6th, 2017
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Obaidul Quader, the new-look general secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, has been right in his warning that the evil forces are out to destroy the achievements of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government. These forces are even after the daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. So, Quader says the workers of the Awami League must remain on guard against any one hatching conspiracy to take away the benefits of the development achieved under Hasina’s government. At the same time he said no one in the party will be allowed to spoil the success that country has gained under the bold leadership of Hasina.


As if to prove Quader right, a self-styled controversial human rights campaigner went missing from his Dhaka home only to be found travelling back to Dhaka from Khulna by a bus. The self-imposed brief disappearance of Farhad Mazhar, a critic of Bangladesh’s War of Liberation and a mentor of anti-liberation forces, is seen as a part of conspiracy to create trouble in the country. RAB did an excellent job in finding the man hours after the mysterious disappearance to put all speculations at rest.


Also the evil forces resorted to many other tactics. They went for vandalism and loot in a recent pre-planned violence in Brahmmanbaria and some other places. The attackers vandalised some Hindu temples and looted dozens of houses after a Hindu man’s alleged facebook post that they considered insult to a holy mosque of Islam. The security forces went into immediate action detaining many of the rioters. Police also arrested the Hindu man in whose name the FB post was circulated.


It is expected that the police investigation will reveal the truth. As the police have launched immediate investigation certain things are clear: the violence against the minority Hindu is part of a pattern by those who are bent on tarnishing the secular image of Bangladesh and at the same time provoke communal violence that, provided they succeed, can lead to an anti-government movement. Investigators are already pointing to the Islamic bigots who are finding it to their advantage in joining hands with Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the main political rival of the Awami League. Among the miscreants in Brahmmanbaria BNP may not be visible, but the opposition party’s support to the fundamentalists can’t be ruled out. BNP, under the flawed leadership of Khaleda Zia, has been on the wane in its public acceptance. The party’s fortunes have been on the decline with some important aides of Khaleda quitting her side and many of the grassroots activists becoming demoralised. In the past two years it has tried all tactics ranging from boycott of national elections to countrywide blockade to upset Hasina and her government which stands as solid as a rock. Nothing has worked for Khaleda. Many factors explain her failure in whipping up a popular movement against Sheikh Hasina. Lack of clear political strategy and tactics, anti-people politics aimed at just grabbing power by any means and the split of the party’s leadership between Khaleda and her son Tarique Rahman (the second in command in the party) are among those factors. So, BNP needs some fortunes to come its way.


When Sheikh Hasina has succeeded in stabilizing the country’s politics with the smooth functioning of a appropriately elected parliament Khaleda has reason to press the panic button. Because of her boycott of the Jan. 5 parliamentary polls in 2014 the BNP leader has chosen to be neither in the parliament nor on the street. Even though she and her party are still relevant in Bangladesh politics it will be an uphill task for Khaleda to stage a political comeback through the front door. So she needs to tag with forces who would like the backdoor of politics. The latest violence in Brahmmanbaria, which came on the heels of recent attacks on some Hindu priests in remote areas, is enough to illustrate this design. Here, the new Awami League general secretary has correctly found the danger.


What is good about the ruling party is its alertness about conspiracies. The just-held 20th national conference of the party has brought in several new faces at the top positions, including Quader. The change is expected to inject new vigour and dynamism as the party, as instructed by its re-elected president, prepares to face the national elections due in 2019.


Well, the Awami League today is solid and strong. That does not mean it would relax its vigil against the conspirators. In Bangladesh conspiracy had caused tragedies. Take the assassination of Bangabandhu most members of his family in one of the world’s most brutal killings on Aug. 15, 1975. The tragedy was followed by the killings of four national leaders _ Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmed, Capt. M Mansur Ali and AHM Quamruzzaman) who were close aides of Bangabandhu inside Dhaka Central Jail. So, it is time to step up vigil against the evil forces, the conspirators.



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