A Personal Reverence to Nature: Nasima Queenie’s solo show in Bhutan

Cultural Correspondent
Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Feted Bangladeshi painter Nasima Khanam Queenie’ 8th solo art exhibition titled “One World” was inaugurated on May 2 at Hotel MIgmar in Bhutan. The exhibition was inaugurated by eminent Bhutanese artist Karma Wangdi. Noted Bhutanese artists Bishma and Rajesh were also present on the occasion as special guests. Many Bhutanese artists were also present at the inaugural session. The artist’s seven artworks were sold and she donated the money to VAST-BHUTAN organization.


In his speech artist Karma Wangdi expressed his deep appreciation for the hosting of an exhibition by a Bangladeshi noted artist and hoped that it will allow artists of the two countries to interact and share their artistic ideas thereby enrich each other. He also honoured artist Queenie by placing a white silken Uttoreo on her neck. Artist Rajesh, one of the founder members of VAST, who also worked with Queenie in 2014 in the SAARC Art Camp in Bangladesh, expressed his deep appreciation and hoped that in future a joint exhibition would be held under the auspices of VAST.


Nasima Khanam Queenie could be tagged as a semi-abstract painter. Her seemingly effortless compositions bear the skeletal footprint of the intricate organic structures of foliage and leaves. To illuminate the natural world she employs a gaze informed by the microscopic glimpses into the hidden substrate of natural life-forms. Therefore, there appears to be a defamiliarising strategy with the creation of mystifying settings, however much may they be overwritten with human figures revealed on patterned planes.


The painter began her career as a naturist, her works became the aesthetic vehicle for the serenity of the natural environment with its rich abundance of colours, light and shades. In her works, the rhythmic and seductive lines allude to the patterns of the plants examined under a microscope, leading to psychological recognition of affinity with the ecosphere on the part of the onlookers.


The intimate relation that the viewers are able to establish with these glimpses of nature derives its resonance from the quietitude rather than the exactitude which the artist seems to resort to in the execution of her works.


The exhibition was held on May 2-4.

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