A Delightful Journey at AFD

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Thursday, November 16th, 2017


Alliance Française de Dhaka hosted the inaugural ceremony of a group art exhibition titled ‘A Delightful Journey’ on November 3.


‘Art Stories’ is a platform for artists with the primary aim to help its artists to realise their ideas and conceptions that consequently can be transformed into intriguing pieces of art. The artists of ‘Art Stories’ make use of their own unique ways to express their distinctive style through a variety of media. This exploration begets characteristic artworks that are sure to provide a boost to the viewers.


Nasima Khanam Queenie, the organiser of the exhibition reflected on the beginning of Art Stories saying, “Since I have studied in Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University, I intend to continue my pursuit in this field. So I thought why not create a group of artists who would come together to continue their pursuit just like me in furthering their works in art and craft. The creation of Art Stories is the outcome of this idea.”


Queenie portrays nature and its mysterious phases through her personal notion, experience and thought process. The abstraction in her works comes naturally as she has adopted a unique language for her own way of expression. Her paintings are chronicles of her inner feelings and intense observation of her living space, life and reminiscence.


Participating artists are Jamal Ahmed, Bitap Shavan Bachhar, Dewan Nazrul Bappe, Didarul Alam Dipu, M. R. Deedar, Md. Elias Hossain, Md. Habib Ullah Bahar, Nasima Khanam Queenie and others — who all happen to be cherished friends — have come together to exhibit their artworks which, as the title of the exhibition suggests, recount the delightful journey they have shared together.

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