A crocodile farm

Fahad Kaizer, back from Bhaluka
Wednesday, September 27th, 2017


‘Unconventional’- is the only word that comes to my mind when thinking of Reptiles Farm Limited, the pioneers of crocodile farming in Bangladesh. Located in Bhaluka in the district of Mymenshingh, Reptiles Farm spans over 13.4 acres of land with 12 ponds and 2 lagoons dispersed within the area. On 22nd December, 2003, Reptiles Farm Ltd. had seen the first batch of its crocodiles. 15 male and 53 female crocodiles – imported from Malaysia – had been safely nestled into the farm’s ponds which would serve as breeding grounds for more crocodiles in the future.


Reptiles Farm intends to sell the hide and meat once the crocodiles mature. Considered as a delicacy in many countries, crocodiles are valued for their meat in Australia, China, Japan, and America. Each kilogram of crocodile meat can go up to US$8. However, perhaps the biggest business lies in the trading of crocodile hide. Bags and shoes made up of crocodile skin are highly demanded worldwide and can easily fetch up to $50,000 from the hands of renowned brand names.

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